Alex's Acid-Free Organic Coffee™ - Fresh Ground French Roast (12oz) + Reusable Single Serve K-Cups

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Your cup of coffee should do more than energize you in the morning. Make the conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint and save money by reusing our no waste refillable k-cups!

Introducing Alex's Acid-Free Organic Coffee - Fresh Ground French Roast + 4 Reusable Single Serve K-Cups. Our reusable k-cup filters are designed to fit most Keurig Plus, Classic, 1.0, and 2.0. These 4 pack reusable k-cup filters will last longer and produce more of your favorite beverage than any expensive disposable k-cup on the market. No Hack required! No Sticker Required, And No Freedom Clip Required. Just Fill and GO! Manufactured with BPA-free plastic and a long-lasting gold-plated stainless steel filter, our refillable k-cup filter enhances the flavorful oils in each Alex's Acid-Free coffee bean and is dishwasher safe.

Do you love coffee, but cannot handle the acid? After weight loss surgery, when you have heartburn, or simply in the evening before bed, a cup of Alex's Acid-Free Organic Coffee™ can be warming and satisfying without causing discomfort! 

Over 30% of the coffee-drinking public experiences upper gastro-intestinal distress when drinking coffee. These symptoms can manifest as heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, sour stomach, and GERD. The assumption has been that Ph level has much to do with these symptoms. This is misleading and in most cases, incorrect.

There are dozens of different types of acids in coffee. Many of them are beneficial to flavor and are healthy. However, there is a specific acid in coffee that causes upper GI distress. Chlorogenic Acid, specifically CQA 3,4, and 5 has been definitively correlated with stomach problems. Chlorogenic Acids can occur naturally in coffee. Drum roasting can increase these levels significantly.

Over 98% of coffee roasters in this country roast coffee in a drum roaster. We don't. Instead, we've engineered, designed, and manufactured our own coffee roaster that uses patented convection technology to roast coffee. Instead of introducing coffee to a hot drum, we roast our coffee beans in a fluidized bed of hot air. Our coffees never come into contact with hot steel. Our coffees are gently roasted in a stream of very hot air which results in the almost complete removal of Chlorogenic Acid. The results are a smooth, flavorful, easy-to-drink coffee that's easy on your stomach.

Skeptical? Good. You should be. If you're one of the many that experience stomach problems with drinking coffee you've probably already researched the topic online and found lots of information, much of it contradictory. Our claims are based on the work of Dr. Taka Shibamoto, a Distinguished Professor of Environmental Toxicology at the UC Davis Coffee Center. Dr. Shibamoto has conducted studies on Chlorogenic Acid in coffees. These studies have determined that elevated levels of Chlorogenic Acid in coffee are major contributors to bitterness in coffee as well as upper GI distress.

Need more proof? Order a bag of Alex's Acid-Free Organic Coffee. Try it for yourself. We've been contacted by hundreds of happy customers who report no stomach problems when drinking Alex's Acid-Free Organic Coffee.

Organically Certified by Organic CertifiersThis special blend of three highly sought-after beans is mild, delicate, and balanced. It is perfectly roasted to a medium-leaning dark, almost French, Roast. It is dark enough to have a full body and chocolatey personality, but there is no burnt or bitter taste. Instead, the flavors in these beans are still detectable, and that is a great thing!

Alex's Acid-Free Organic Fresh Ground French Roast Coffee contains this blend of 100% USDA organic coffee beans:

  • 50% Chiapas. Grown in southern Mexico, near the border with Guatemala, Chiapas coffee beans have the same characteristics of Guatemalan beans that you would expect from the volcanic soil and high altitude they grow in. They are mild and delicate, with slightly sweet notes of brown sugar and pear. They also have a nutty overtone.
  • 25% Nicaragua. These balanced coffee beans are complex but subtle, with notes of chocolate, nut, vanilla, and even mild lemon.
  • 25% Honduras. Grown in yet another coffee powerhouse, these mild and balanced coffee beans are universally appealing with chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut hints.

Alex's Acid-Free Organic Fresh Ground French Roast Coffee™ is everything good coffee should be: rich, balanced, bright but not acidic, nutty, and aromatic, as well as socially and environmentally conscious.

We suggest storing your coffee in an airtight opaque glass, metal, or ceramic container and keeping it in a cool place. Coffee beans can lose moisture in the freezer and pick up flavors from the fridge or freezer.

Do I need to avoid caffeine after bariatric surgery? According to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), Caffeine fluids have been shown to be as good as any others for keeping you hydrated. Still, it is a good idea to avoid caffeine for at least the first thirty days after surgery while your stomach is extra sensitive. After that point, you can ask your surgeon or dietitian about resuming caffeine. Remember that caffeine often comes paired with sugary, high-calorie drinks, so be sure you’re making wise beverage choices.

We roasted these organic, fair trade beans to perfection using our hot air convection technique. Since these beans were never processed in hot steel drums, they have a lower acid content.

We suggest storing your coffee in an opaque glass, metal, or ceramic container and keeping it in a cool place. Coffee beans can lose moisture in the freezer and pick up flavors from the fridge or freezer.