Reusable K-Cups Gold Plated Mesh Coffee Filters for Keurig Plus 2.0 & Classic 1.0 Brewers (4-Pack )

  • Net Wt.: 12 oz. (340 GM)


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Your cup of coffee should do more than energize you in the morning. Make the conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint and save money by reusing our no waste refillable k-cup.

Alex's Acid-Free Organic Coffee is dedicated to supplying highly functional and quality products. Their goal with every reusable coffee and tea filter is to make your morning easier. The no-leak design and easy rinse features will minimize the amount of time you spend preparing coffee, so you can focus on seizing the day.

Our 4 pack reusable k-cup filters will last longer and produce more of your favorite beverage than any expensive disposable k-cup on the market. No Hack required! No Sticker Required, And No Freedom Clip Required. Just Fill and GO!

These reusable k-cup filters are designed to fit most Keurig Plus, Classic, 1.0, and 2.0 (Older models sensors may not read the cups.

The unique concave design feature guarantees that no extra accessories are necessary to use this coffee filter. Just fill press start, and rinse to clean.

Manufactured with BPA-free plastic and a long-lasting gold-plated stainless steel filter, this refillable k-cup filter enhances the flavorful oils in each coffee bean and is dishwasher safe.

We roasted these organic, fair trade beans to perfection using our hot air convection technique. Since these beans were never processed in hot steel drums, they have a lower acid content.

We suggest storing your coffee in an opaque glass, metal, or ceramic container and keeping it in a cool place. Coffee beans can lose moisture in the freezer and pick up flavors from the fridge or freezer.